New Creation Covenant Churches International
New Creation Covenant Churches International
New Creation Covenant Churches International

What is NCCCI?

NCCCI stands for New Creation Covenant Churches International. It is a family of independent Christian churches in the U.S. and around the world whose senior leaders have submitted to the spiritual covering of Apostle Eddrick High and have acknowledged him as their spiritual father and overseer. In doing so, these leaders have chosen to join into covenant with one another. NCCCI is not a fellowship or a ministerial association, it is a family of spiritual sons and daughters who have been joined together through covenant by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Our Mission: NCCCI's mission is to empower pastors and senior leaders by helping them to develop winning strategies through training, fellowship and spiritual impartation that will empower them to carry out the vision and purpose that God has called them to as shepherds of God's people.


How does Apostle High empower pastors and senior leaders?

Apostle High empowers pastors and senior leaders through spiritual impartation sessions and by providing training in the areas of church growth, finances, administration, technology, community outreach, legal protection, and much more. We believe that leaders and churches can accomplish a lot more at a much faster pace when information is openly and freely shared. One of the things that hinders the growth and sometimes survival of ministries is a lack of willingness on the part of some to share information. NCCCI is a family that is dedicated to empowering each other to succeed. Members of the NCCCI family receive spiritual impartation, guidance and attend strategy sessions on a wide range of topics. Sessions can be attended in-person or from anywhere in the world via Internet Conferencing to equip leaders with the information needed to fulfill Gods call on their lives.


In addition to the above, members of the NCCCI family also receive:

  • Preferred seating at all ministry events
  • 24 hour Internet access to past strategy sessions and notes
  • NCCCI e-newsletters
  • Ministry, Personal and Marriage Counseling
  • Discounted Rate to attend the Eddrick High School of Ministry
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